• Have residential garbage out by 6:00am.Place all garbage inside the cart.
  • Garbage on side will not be picked up unless customer has called and arranged for extra pick-up.
  • Bagging your trash will decrease any trash blowing away and littering the streets.  
  • Carts and dumpsters must be brought away from buildings in order to be picked up.
  • We do not enter garages or shops to retrieve your garbage. If yard gate is closed we do not enter unless we have permission/code
  • Allow at least 5 feet of clearance from fences, lampposts, fire hydrants, mailboxes, parked cars and other obstructions.
  • Do not block access to or park vehicles in front of the cart. Position cart so handle and wheels are closest to house.
  • Cardboard should be cut or torn into pieces so it can fall freely from the cart. Large appliance/TV or furniture boxes must be flattened and cut in down to size.

Holiday Collection

  • We will post any Holiday schedules on our announcement page.

Garbage Collection for Dumpsters

  • As you have chosen to have this service it is your responsibility to keep your yard and road clear so our truck can enter your yard.
  • Gates If gates are up and livestock are inside the fenced area, we will not enter. If your yard is open 99% of the time then a gate is closed and animals are grazing inside the fenced area we will not enter. Please communicate with us when this is happening.
  • Please make sure your dumpster area is clear and accessible (3 feet from buildings & objects) so our truck is able to pick up your garbage. Place all garbage inside container we will not take anything outside of container unless arrangements have been made with the office.
  • Lid containment: Make it simple, a tarp strap crossing the dumpster secured on both sides.
  • If your dumpster/cart is snowed in, our truck will not be able to pick up your garbage that day and you must wait until the next pick-up date.
  • Do Not assume if your car/pickup or semi can drive through sno drifts then we can also, this is not always the case as garbage trucks are extremely light in the back until full of garbage.
  • Please call ahead if your yard conditions are not suitable for the truck to enter your yard. 
  • MGM will not return to your area for any missed pick-ups due to poor yard conditions.

Blizzards/No Travel Advisories & High Wind Warning

  • MGM will follow current highway road reports. Collection will take place as soon as conditions improve.
  • The following items are not acceptable:
  • Ashes -  Do not empty them in container.
  • Yard Waste - Do not throw potting soil, mud, rocks or gravel in container-recycle please. Yard waste placed on the side of container will not be picked up.
  • Batteries  - Lead-acid batteries were banned from North Dakota landfills in 1992.  Many retailers that sell these batteries will accept old ones.
  • Motor Oil - Used motor oil is banned from all North Dakota landfills.  If you change your own motor oil, please make sure it is recycled properly. Drained oil filters are allowed.
  • Tires - We do not dispose of old tires.
  • White Goods (Major Appliances) - We do not pick up any white goods.
  • Cement - Pieces of cement can damage the packer and cannot be picked up.
  • Paint - Paint must be in open cans and dried solid before throwing in garbage.
  • Iron, steel,this also includes Engine or truck parts - Can cause damage to packer.
  • Animals - Animals of size need to be disposed of properly, we will not empty garbage with skunks, dogs, or calves placed in container.
  • Wood - Large amounts of wood/tree stumps/pallets cannot be taken. Your dumpsters are to be limited in construction debris as they are to be used for garbage. No wood 4 inches and above in diameter will be taken. All wood must be cut to fit inside the dumpster.
  • Propane tanks, gas cans anything else combustible should not be thrown in garbage.

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