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  • Place all garbage inside the cart.
  • Bagging and tying your trash will decrease any trash blowing away and littering the streets.
  • Carts must be placed on boulevard in order to be picked up.
  • Allow at least 5 feet of clearance from fences, lampposts, fire hydrants, mailboxes, parked cars and other obstructions.
  • Do not block access to or park vehicles in front of the cart.
  • Place extra bags of garbage on the side so it is visible to the second truck that collects garbage on the side.


  • Cardboard should be cut or torn into pieces so it can fall freely from the cart.
  • Large appliance/TV or furniture boxes must be flattened and cut in half.
  • Do not fill cardboard boxes with garbage!

Winter/Spring Garbage Collection

  • Please make sure your dumpster area is clear and accessible so our truck is able pick up your garbage. 
  • If your dumpster/cart is snowed in, our truck will not be able to pick up your garbage that day and you must wait until the next pick-up date. 

Blizzards/No Travel Advisories

  • MGM will follow current highway road reports. If collection is not possible due to weather, collection will take place as soon as conditions allow.

Yard Waste

  • Do not throw potting soil, mud, rocks or gravel in container


  • Our routes and trucks are not designed to collect large amounts of construction and remodeling debris and will not be picked up.
  • Please call for a roll off dumpster if you have a large amount of material.

The following waste is not allowed in the trash:

  • Iron/steel
  • Engine or truck parts
  • Batteries (car or truck) - Lead-acid batteries were banned from North Dakota landfills in 1992.  Many retailers that sell these batteries will accept old ones.
  • Motor Oil - Used motor oil is banned from all North Dakota landfills.  If you change your own motor oil, please make sure it is recycled properly.
  • Tires - We do not dispose of old tires.
  • White Goods (Major Appliances) - We do not pick up any white goods.
  • Cement - Pieces of cement can damage the packer and cannot be picked up.
  • Paint - Paint must be in open cans and dried solid before throwing in garbage. Please use floor dry or cat litter to solidify the paint or other liquids.
  • Animals - Animals of size need to be disposed of properly, we will not empty garbage with skunks, dogs, or calves placed in container.


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